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Best Cannabis Farming Methods

Cannabis farming has been undertaken for many years the world over. There were however issues with legality when it came to growing cannabis in the past. Things are however different now since growing of cannabis is legal in most countries nowadays. Farmers even smallholder ones can grow the plant for own use. Growing of cannabis can be difficult if you do not have the necessary expertise and skills. You can however acquire such skills from different platforms.

Let us understand the benefits of growing cannabis at home before venturing into the farming process. First benefit is that it is easy to know what is in your own cannabis as opposed to that you bought from someone else. This is because you will be aware of the pesticides you used during growing period as well as the fertilizers applied. This way, you will have full confidence while consuming the product after harvesting. Secondly, you are in-charge hence you can select the strain to grow. You can therefore grow the strain that particularly suits your needs.

Cannabis being a plant, it requires conditions of growth similar to most other plants. The use of soil as a medium of growing cannabis is the traditional method. Use soil that has a high level of nutrients. The preferred soil type for cannabis growth is loam soil. Water retention of loam soil is a good characteristic that is needed for growing cannabis. This way, your plants will always have water.

In the traditional method of growing cannabis, there is also need to apply organic matter on your cannabis farm. Organic matter are remains of plants or even animals that are rich in nutrients. Manure is formed from organic matter. Healthy cannabis plants come from soils enriched with such organic manure. In addition, some organic matter can serve as mulching. Mulching forms a protective layer for the soil against direct sunlight. This way, moisture from the soil does not evaporate hence the plants have enough water.

The hydroponic gardening technique comes in handy for those wishing to grow cannabis but have limited space. This means that you will not use soil as the growing medium. Instead, you will use other media such as coco coir, hydroton, vermiculite and perlite. The level of sophistication for this method is quite high. Nutrients are introduced into the solution regularly for uptake by the plants. Pests cannot destroy crops in this method.

Luckily, there are companies that have come up with cannabis growing kits. You can use the kits if you are a first time cannabis farmer. The kits also provide guidance to the farmer. It is easy to use the kits since they are already set. Setting up a cannabis farm can be costly in the beginning but do not worry since the long term benefits of personal production outweigh the initial costs. Therefore, grow your own cannabis and enjoy the fruits of your work!

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